National Pig Day at Skyway Jack's
by Georise
All around best place for breakfast or lunch!!
by Sadie24
After 32 years of service, and all that has transpired...it is still the same Skyway Jacks! You find the same employees working that waited on you 10 years ago well as a couple new faces! Its good greasy southern home cooking that it always was....just like grandma use to make! If your from the north then try some Philadelphia Scrapple with some home fried potatoes...If your from the south try some scrambled brains with grits and a corn muffin. If your more traditional then maybe you should stick to bacon and eggs or some AWESOME pancakes!
No matter what your taste may be, you can find something at Jacks! And dont forget their famous breakfast special Monday thru Friday (excluding all holidays) from 5am till 8am they have $2.29 specials! Get a cup of coffee with that and its $3.63 including tax for a full meal! You can name anywhere else that offers such a deal? This is by far my favorite place and highly recommend stopping by!
Best Brains
by tazz51955
I grew up in St. Pete. I've always loved Jacks. Before fishing or after a late night. Always just as good! I've been to both north & south. Both were great!
My favorite was the scrammbled eggs & brains,potatoes & toast, MMMMMM good.
"Love Jacks!”
by Dave Doyle
We eat there all the time, great food, great prices and a staff you can't help but love. We love to go early and then head out to Ft. DeSoto. It is a homey, eclectic atmosphere, nothing fancy but comfortable, like eating with friends. Not a snooty plastic chain restaurant. A landmark.
“Homey, fun and delicious!”
by Randy8994
I've been to many pancake places- chains and mom and pops- and I must say, Skyway Jacks is my absolute favorite! The prices were so reasonable, and the staff was excellent! Fun, down to earth and good hearted. I didn't want to leave after spending my breakfast with them and I will surely be going back when I visit the Tampa area again, and I will most definitely tell everyone I know that they should try it out as well!
Captain Russ Shirley  - Feb 3, 2009
You'd be upset with me if... My charter fishing clients would really be upset with me if they knew how good Skyway Jack's breakfasts were and I didn't tell them. Problem is, they'd probably be late for fishing cause they couldn't stop eating! One of my family's favorites for decades!
Captain Russ Shirley, Salty Fly Charters 727-343-1957
If you have never been to a Skyway Jack's National Pig Day, held every March 1st. You are missing a great time and tons of wonderful food!!!!!!!!!!
Pig Day is fun. Cat on the harmonica, games, jokes,trivia questions and stupid, I mean fab prizes for correct answers! Servers in pink mini pig costmes sing,giant pigs wave guests into Jacks from the parking lot and a really great day of FUN! Enjoy PIGGY PUDDING and great cakes on the house!  Portions are to die for! One meal can easly serve 2 adults or 3 children.
Chef Louie and his staff mean to please everyone who walks in, AND THEY DO!!!!!!!!
Mark next years calender for March 1st and join the crazy antics of Skyway Jack's